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Who I am
My name is Mahmoud Zalt,
I'm dedicated full-stack web developer (with 4+ years of experience), and an active internet entrepreneur.
I specialize in modern web applications development, using (PHP - Laravel - MySQL - Neo4j - JavaScript - HTML5 - CSS - jQuery - Angular - Bootstrap - Git - Docker - Redis - etc...).
My experience covers a diverse set of programming languages and software frameworks. And my core competencies stem from an excellent knowledge of programming algorithms and software design patterns.
Beside my tech mentality I comprise an entrepreneurial mindset, thus I'm living everyday looking for business problems and trying to solve them with technology.
For me programming is not a normal job it's an enjoyable lifestyle. And I enjoy helping people as much as I enjoy coding, and when I see the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, I take the initiative.

For technical and professional details, you can download my Resume from the link below.

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