Hello, I'm Mahmoud Zalt.

Web Developer     Software Engineer

What I Do

I build awesome things on the web
Web Applications

Powerful & Scalable Web Apps.


RESTful & Secure API's.


Beautiful & Modern Websites.

I'm a big fan of Laravel (The PHP Framework For Web Artisans).


My featured public projects
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About ME

The coolest software engineer you will ever know :D
Developing Amazing Things with Fun and Passion

I'm a PHP Back-end Web Developer, with solid Front-end skills and 3+ years of professional experience.

I specialize in developing high quality web applications, by considerably focusing on the app performance, reliability, scalability, security and usability.

Likewise I retain a huge focus on the code maintainability, reusability, interoperability, testability and conceptual integrity.

Some of the tools, frameworks and languages I use are: PHP - Laravel - Git - MySQL - Neo4j - Redis - MongoDB - Docker - PHPUnit - Codeception - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery - Angular - Bootstrap - Gulp - Bower - PhpStorm - Travis-CI - Amazon S3...

For me programming is not a job it's an enjoyable lifestyle. I enjoy helping people as much as I enjoy coding, and when I see the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, I take the initiative.

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